The Women Empowerment and The Accountability.

There is a bidirectional relationship between economic development and women empowerment defined as improving the ability of women to access the constituents of development in particular health, education, earning opportunities, rights, and political participation. In one direction, development alone can play a major role in driving down inequality between men and women; in the other direction, continuing discrimination against women can, hinder development.

Empowerment can, in other words, accelerate development.

Policymakers and social scientists have tended to focus on one or the other of these two relationships. Those focusing on the first have argued that gender equality improves when poverty declines. Policymakers should therefore focus on creating the conditions for economic growth and prosperity, while seeking, of course, to maintain a level playing field for both genders, but without adopting specific strategies targeted at improving the condition of women.

In contrast, many emphasize the second relationship, from empowerment to development. The United Nations resolution has argued that achieving gender equality is a “prerequisite” to achieving the other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including eliminating poverty, reducing infant mortality, achieving universal education, and eliminating the gender gap. In its report, “Engendering Development,” the World Bank
called for policies to address gender imbalance in “rights, resources, and voice,” and recommends that institutional structures be overhauled to promote equality, and that specific measures, be adopted and emphasise the “business case” for women empowerment, it mainly takes it as given that the equality between women and men is a desirable goal in itself, and policies should aim to achieve that goal.

Efforts and endeavour privilege of :

a) Focus knit on both sides of the empowerment–development relationship addressing broad the poverty and lack of opportunity breeding inequality between men and women, so that when economic development reduces poverty, the condition of women improves on two counts: first, when poverty is reduced, the condition of everyone, including women, improves, and second, gender inequality declines as poverty declines, so the condition of women improves more than that existing.

b) Progressive Cluster focus on Women extending and building economic cells specific for women ; making progressive elegance in providing the economic independence and enabling a platform to pursue their dreams vision and objectives.

c) Ensuring and working together to make a family knit better by making the women share the economic cycle and thus enabling a beautiful synergy enthralling the family.

d) Global focus for women enabling them towards their entrepreneurial journey and close liaison with all statutory bodies in building the ramp ups.

These are the listed few and many get unfolded in the sojourn that shall be defined. Working together with Women Empowerment Cell of Octagon Consulting & Liaison Incorporation definitely delights eliminating the vulnerability and impossibilities of every women aiming and determined to keep the flux high immortal and perennial.

Let’s discuss The Women Empowerment initiatives. Pls visit and write to

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HRM transformation; Eons Era to Diac Dynamic Digital Way.

In accordance with global trends in the alternative workforce, modern enterprises have an amazing opportunity to cooperate with vendors, contractors, outsourcers and freelancers who are located globally. Besides, this kind of potential labor capital is typically cheaper and, thanks to up-to-date technologies, easily accessible.

Machine-learning tools can also work wonders in all HRM processes, helping to create a complete image of productive HRM process. These tools provide huge benefits to modern businesses by automating all processes, which reduce time/energy and other coefficients ; and also increases time for high-value activities.

Artificial intelligence can structure analytical information in order to offer valuable insights on every aspect of organisation records ; which can include all and any information that’s wished to.

Processes such as onboarding, screening resumes , JD, Job Enrichment, Job rotation , Reengineering the jobs / Liaison, Best Compensation match and sourcing new skills among few in lists can be easily handled by machines, and customized to organisation needs.

These developed AI & ML apps offer powerful tools for greater collaboration across the organization, more accurate analytics, better predictions of future trends and clear, valuable insights. When implementing AI technology, wise is to consider and define what you’d like it to do for a company, how it can fit within operations and what tools need most of all. The future of human capital is here, and it’s time to get moving – or get left behind.

Let’s discuss some latest trends and needs in automising all processes of Human Resource’s Management. Life and work going forward needs to be efficient and productive. Efficiency is definitely the multiple of measures and contributions.

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Coming together ; stretching a little to the less happy.

Business is all about serving the needs of one’s customers and clients while doing it in such a way that everyone can be proud. One core value is obviously the economic one, that is, business is expected to be profitable and to make money for the owners, shareholders, and investors. However, business is further expected to achieve this economic value in conformity with the value of legality, but also, since the law may be non-existent, deficient, or not enforced, with the value of morality. That is, business must act in a profitable, legal, and moral manner. Today, moreover, business must deal with another value – the expectation that business, as it grows and especially once it attains a certain size, wealth, and prominence, be “socially responsible.” As such, above and beyond the responsibility to act legally and morally in the pursuit of profit is the notion of social responsibility, which typically today in a business context is called “corporate social responsibility” (CSR). The law defines legal accountability; ethics determines moral accountability, but ascertaining the definition, nature, extent of, and rationale for, the value social responsibility emerges as an even more challenging task.

Value es are rankings or priorities that a person establishes for one’s norms and beliefs. Values express what the chief end of life is, the highest good, and what things in life are worthwhile or desirable. Deeply held values can drive behavior. Moral values are generally held to be intrinsic. Accordingly, if one holds morality to be an intrinsic value, then one must be moral regardless of the circumstances and consequences.

Let’s look at a platform to make few more happy and create a smile on faces who look to the better. It’s not a physical or documentary binding to get in to CSR ; but definitely a moral evolve; an unfound happiness thy shall seek.

Let’s discuss CSR. Let’s create more happy society.

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Enrich and EnerZised ; Multiskilling a need

You are Enriched not by your oratory involvement but by your determination to contribute to the growth of a business you are into. Era is of past wherein loyalty;paternity;kindness etx would pinnacle you. Present situations demand that you develop business and be a proud member as a revenue contributor. Look to get multi skilling. Look to becoming a positive contributor than being desktop enabler.

कल्पयति येन वृत्तिं येन च लोके प्रशस्यते सद्भिः।
स गुणस्तेन च गुणिना रक्ष्यः संवर्धनीयश्च॥

We enable and anchor ;

• Motivation and development of staff leading to Improved staff retention.
• Formal targeted training with direction and end focused on business need.
• Encouragement of teamwork through coach and assessor communicating more with opposite trade.
• Refocused & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training packages written around business need.
• Safe job; Timely job; Right first-time job leading to Improved productivity reducing downtime
due to increased skills base.
• Cross cover of skills being an allrounder.
• Nationally recognised qualifications where appropriate; skills are validated
• Training records meet and exceed those required by HSE etc , Fulfilling the requirements of Investors in People.
• Coordinating Government initiative to see competence at work.

Do not be oriented towards managing just one profile. Explore and examine your role.Stay enriched and in-demand becoming commanding. Lead not by words but brilliantly by your work. Let your immaculate maturity leading to multiplying of revenue for the business speak. You shall be a reverent all times ; remember.

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Skill for your better

In the initiative of Re-Skilling India, UPGRADE is the MANTRA.It is evident that specialist technology professionals will remain and lead.For survival re-skilling is must.Many organisations from a myopic and timid approach of staking Managers, are working to build a more competent/technically brilliant and multitalented pool in their organisation. Hence and Evident is to be a student all times and keep learning.Do not be shy or immortal in not admitting your knowledge limits !!!

Learn. Let,age, superiority, designation etc not make you negative and eventually build you as a redundant in the competition.

Regard and note the High Courts Of KARNATAKA,in its verdict/order today, said” A Home Maker Wife” is a most brilliant member for a family and to the Nation; as she gets skilled each day to make others of the family happy, productive & joyful, this consistently is becoming more relevant. Remember; come across a redundant work/or a profession…. but never you come across a home maker in such terms.

Simple is: Be a Learner life long/Be an active contributor throughout.Never ever through your passive and inactive breeze send signals of getting retarded.

Live EnerZetic and Competent always. “JOH Dargaya… Samjho Woh Margaya“.

Make your day good.

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