New labour laws from July 1! How working hours, PF and in-hand salary will change

The Central government is planning to implement new labour laws from July 1, 2022. If this gets implemented, then there will be a significant change in office working hours, employee’s provident fund (EPF) contributions and in-hand salary. While the office hours and PF contributions are likely to increase, the in-hand

Webinar on Being competitive ; The Need of present and future era job market

Gokhale Education Society’s R.H.Sapat College of Engineering, Management Studies and Research (Accredited by NAAC with Grade B++) Principal T A Kulkarni Vidyanagar, Nashik 422005 Date: 9th June 2021 Time: 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM Google meet Link Students of TE and BE of all Branches Allowed Certificate will be

The Women Empowerment and The Accountability.

There is a bidirectional relationship between economic development and women empowerment defined as improving the ability of women to access the constituents of development in particular health, education, earning opportunities, rights, and political participation. In one direction, development alone can play a major role in driving down inequality between men

HRM transformation; Eons Era to Diac Dynamic Digital Way.

In accordance with global trends in the alternative workforce, modern enterprises have an amazing opportunity to cooperate with vendors, contractors, outsourcers and freelancers who are located globally. Besides, this kind of potential labor capital is typically cheaper and, thanks to up-to-date technologies, easily accessible. Machine-learning tools can also work wonders

Coming together ; stretching a little to the less happy.

Business is all about serving the needs of one’s customers and clients while doing it in such a way that everyone can be proud. One core value is obviously the economic one, that is, business is expected to be profitable and to make money for the owners, shareholders, and investors.

Enrich and EnerZised ; Multiskilling a need

You are Enriched not by your oratory involvement but by your determination to contribute to the growth of a business you are into. Era is of past wherein loyalty;paternity;kindness etx would pinnacle you. Present situations demand that you develop business and be a proud member as a revenue contributor. Look

Skill for your better

In the initiative of Re-Skilling India, UPGRADE is the MANTRA.It is evident that specialist technology professionals will remain and lead.For survival re-skilling is must.Many organisations from a myopic and timid approach of staking Managers, are working to build a more competent/technically brilliant and multitalented pool in their organisation. Hence and