In the initiative of Re-Skilling India, UPGRADE is the MANTRA.It is evident that specialist technology professionals will remain and lead.For survival re-skilling is must.Many organisations from a myopic and timid approach of staking Managers, are working to build a more competent/technically brilliant and multitalented pool in their organisation. Hence and Evident is to be a student all times and keep learning.Do not be shy or immortal in not admitting your knowledge limits !!!

Learn. Let,age, superiority, designation etc not make you negative and eventually build you as a redundant in the competition.

Regard and note the High Courts Of KARNATAKA,in its verdict/order today, said” A Home Maker Wife” is a most brilliant member for a family and to the Nation; as she gets skilled each day to make others of the family happy, productive & joyful, this consistently is becoming more relevant. Remember; come across a redundant work/or a profession…. but never you come across a home maker in such terms.

Simple is: Be a Learner life long/Be an active contributor throughout.Never ever through your passive and inactive breeze send signals of getting retarded.

Live EnerZetic and Competent always. “JOH Dargaya… Samjho Woh Margaya“.

Make your day good.