• ‘Learning needs’ based modules for corporates in all levels of employees engagement.
  • Appraisals based learning programs to enhance productivity.
  • Synergy programs to boost integration of objectives and organizational goals.
  • Interactive and role play programs to enhance belongingness and accountability.
  • In house as well as out bound learning programs, assuring immense value add.
  • Structured induction and orientation programs across the hierarchy of the organization.
  • Leadership development and succession planning programs.
  • Interface programs for upgrading the competencies on par with international academies.
  • Re-engineered recruitment and payroll processes.

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  • Development programs for Girl Children– awareness, coaching, mentoring and counseling.
  • Women empowerment through various small group initiatives.
  • Awareness on nutrition.
  • Health and hygiene awareness and education programs.
  • Nodal agency for catalyzing appropriate government programs.
  • Forum for international exchange of programs.
  • A Healthy and a Happy Home – A National initiative.
  • Focus on Environment – The Future??


  • Extending assistance required by regional and foreign investors.
  • Complete co-ordination solution for new ventures, interstate ventures, state industrial growth, and small scale industries upscale.
  • A catalyst for all the global assistance cell for regional acclimatization.
  • Coordination in state and appropriate government help for liaisons and related assistance.
  • Regional awareness creation, regional bodies grievances handling.
  • Adopting to evolve and develop ; rural revamp for revenue and resources.
  • Effective liaising and coordination in vernacular language and representation to various bodies of whatsoever in nature.
  • Technology and Knowledge transfer.
  • Cross cultural programs.


  • Regional assistance to promote rural development in the field of education and employability.
  • Focus cell to partner with regional government agencies to promote rural engineering schemes.
  • Orientation and information on flow of mechanized farming and organized farming.
  • Association for profitable and maintaining of Land Health CARD.
  • Initiatives for PRAN a central government scheme for sustained pension and economic security.
  • Acclimatizing the international agricultural advances in collaboration with various varsities ad institutes.
  • Focus on market-oriented agricultural/horticultural and all other micro intervened schemes to augment agricultural and all related produces.
  • Goal to convert the barren and saline land to fruitful and fertile lands.


  • A earmarked agency and an establishment for enhancing awareness towards the Industry and academics interface.
  • Channel partnering to structure the skills and the competencies as sought by the corporate job markets.
  • Build a professional platform to graduate the skills and competencies of employable generation.
  • Define and structure vision and quality at education, productivity and excellence at work.
  • Rural intervention to promote global vision in enhancing employment opportunities.
  • To be a nodal agency for varsities and academics to promote and enhance the key skills and the competencies of the employable generation.
  • To be identified as a globally recognized organization to bridge and enhance the mutual need for structured educational systems and build up academics through consistent teacher and children bridging academic-corporate gaps.
  • Channel partner for organizing, conducting and bringing about global systems in the field of medical, engineering, agricultural, health and hygiene concepts under various schemes promoted by global firms and promotion councils.


  • To build, develop and organize to deliver the sustainability programs as part of the corporate governance and needs.
  • Agency for corporate to identify and prioritize the social responsibility programs.
  • Enhancing the brand build and the micro image transforming for the corporates.
  • To guide, work and monitor the sustainability programs of the corporates and industrial establishments.
  • To integrate and develop a PAN India formula for enhancing the sustainability programs.
  • To present and represent to the regional, local, government and semi government bodies the initiatives adopted by the corporates under the sustainability umbrella.
  • Ensuring all regional and local support in respect to smooth working of industrial establishments.
  • Liaison and represent the industrial and corporate establishments as legally required for the smooth and productive operations of the establishments.


  • ‘CATCH THEM YOUNG’ module focused on young prospective entrepreneurs.
  • Promoting rural and urban entrepreneurial skills and competencies.
  • Organizing representations of national and global initiatives for regional entrepreneur skills development.
  • Customized modules to all professional and skills institutes to promote leadership skills, self development skills, small scale industries, handicraft industries, entrepreneurial skills in all sectors of the society.
  • Evolving a formula for setting up VISION BRICSA 2020.
  • Modules on The Need for Entrepreneurial Orientation in all professional institutes with the aid of the appropriate government.
  • Integrate National Pride, Self Sustenance and Global Emergence Vision.
    To explore and orient the unexplored sections of entrepreneurial
  • opportunities. Especially, in the fields of Travel and Tourism, Agricultural and Horticulture based industries,.


  • An initiative to work towards up-keeping the cultural values of Indian tradition.
  • Setting up Samskrit and Samskriti learning centers in rural India.
    Up-build human values and ethics by inculcating these in the Indian civilization.
  • Creating an International Brand awareness on EMERGING INDIA.
  • To be recognized by the National and International Forum as an authentic establishment for the promotion of the Sanskrit language.
  • To bring back into the mainstream values and ethics and bridge gaps between the old and GEN X.
  • Induct and educate the depth of meaning of our NATIONAL ANTHEM and NATIONAL SONG across the nation.
  • Integrate the inter-state cultural values, traditions, values, practices for BONDING INDIA BETTER.