There is a bidirectional relationship between economic development and women empowerment defined as improving the ability of women to access the constituents of development in particular health, education, earning opportunities, rights, and political participation. In one direction, development alone can play a major role in driving down inequality between men and women; in the other direction, continuing discrimination against women can, hinder development.

Empowerment can, in other words, accelerate development.

Policymakers and social scientists have tended to focus on one or the other of these two relationships. Those focusing on the first have argued that gender equality improves when poverty declines. Policymakers should therefore focus on creating the conditions for economic growth and prosperity, while seeking, of course, to maintain a level playing field for both genders, but without adopting specific strategies targeted at improving the condition of women.

In contrast, many emphasize the second relationship, from empowerment to development. The United Nations resolution has argued that achieving gender equality is a “prerequisite” to achieving the other Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including eliminating poverty, reducing infant mortality, achieving universal education, and eliminating the gender gap. In its report, “Engendering Development,” the World Bank
called for policies to address gender imbalance in “rights, resources, and voice,” and recommends that institutional structures be overhauled to promote equality, and that specific measures, be adopted and emphasise the “business case” for women empowerment, it mainly takes it as given that the equality between women and men is a desirable goal in itself, and policies should aim to achieve that goal.

Efforts and endeavour privilege of :

a) Focus knit on both sides of the empowerment–development relationship addressing broad the poverty and lack of opportunity breeding inequality between men and women, so that when economic development reduces poverty, the condition of women improves on two counts: first, when poverty is reduced, the condition of everyone, including women, improves, and second, gender inequality declines as poverty declines, so the condition of women improves more than that existing.

b) Progressive Cluster focus on Women extending and building economic cells specific for women ; making progressive elegance in providing the economic independence and enabling a platform to pursue their dreams vision and objectives.

c) Ensuring and working together to make a family knit better by making the women share the economic cycle and thus enabling a beautiful synergy enthralling the family.

d) Global focus for women enabling them towards their entrepreneurial journey and close liaison with all statutory bodies in building the ramp ups.

These are the listed few and many get unfolded in the sojourn that shall be defined. Working together with Women Empowerment Cell of Octagon Consulting & Liaison Incorporation definitely delights eliminating the vulnerability and impossibilities of every women aiming and determined to keep the flux high immortal and perennial.

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