You are Enriched not by your oratory involvement but by your determination to contribute to the growth of a business you are into. Era is of past wherein loyalty;paternity;kindness etx would pinnacle you. Present situations demand that you develop business and be a proud member as a revenue contributor. Look to get multi skilling. Look to becoming a positive contributor than being desktop enabler.

कल्पयति येन वृत्तिं येन च लोके प्रशस्यते सद्भिः।
स गुणस्तेन च गुणिना रक्ष्यः संवर्धनीयश्च॥

We enable and anchor ;

• Motivation and development of staff leading to Improved staff retention.
• Formal targeted training with direction and end focused on business need.
• Encouragement of teamwork through coach and assessor communicating more with opposite trade.
• Refocused & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training packages written around business need.
• Safe job; Timely job; Right first-time job leading to Improved productivity reducing downtime
due to increased skills base.
• Cross cover of skills being an allrounder.
• Nationally recognised qualifications where appropriate; skills are validated
• Training records meet and exceed those required by HSE etc , Fulfilling the requirements of Investors in People.
• Coordinating Government initiative to see competence at work.

Do not be oriented towards managing just one profile. Explore and examine your role.Stay enriched and in-demand becoming commanding. Lead not by words but brilliantly by your work. Let your immaculate maturity leading to multiplying of revenue for the business speak. You shall be a reverent all times ; remember.